On Demand


With the On-Demand service you call when support is needed, and you only pay for the time used.

The On-Demand service is a great solution for IT Managers looking for additional assistance, or companies needing irregular IT support.

Fixed Monthly Contract


With KPI’s in place and regular reviews, to make sure you the client, are happy with the service provided, Darkwing Corporation delivers proactive maintenance services through our fixed rate packages.

This package is perfect for those companies wanting to be able to control costs while minimizing the downtime.

Lease & Rental of computer equipment


Lease what depreciates, and own what appreciates.
Why have all your cash tied up in assets that are losing value, when that money could be better used for growing your business and making even more money.

The Rental contract gives you access to the technology you need with no initial outlay. You stop paying the rent when the gear is returned. The Lease is the same except there is a fixed term contract so we are better able to reduce the monthly rental as we are spreading the depreciation over a longer period.

With the Darkwing lease you can get access to the latest technology and services for a fraction of the initial outlay.